Container Science® Technology Development

Partnerships for commercial success

A passion for innovation

A major focus of Container Science, Inc. is the research and development of new, step-change technologies for plastic packaging products and for technologies in related industries. Many of these technologies are developed in partnerships with other companies.

Our strategy for developing technologies incorporates not only chemical, but also regulatory, environmental, economic, and process parameters and factors. Our objective is to develop novel solutions that are practical and readily implementable from a production standpoint.

Technologies of interest to Container Science, Inc. are those where a fundamental knowledge of materials science, chemistry, and chemical kinetics are essential, and where critical insights are necessary to achieve breakthroughs.

Joint development with select business partners

Typically, joint development projects originate from concepts developed by Container Science that are then presented to suitable partners.

CONTAINER SCIENCEĀ® research and development services are normally carried out with select business partners who have capabilities complementary to those of Container Science, Inc., with the benefits of commercial success flowing to all of the involved parties.