About Container Science, Inc.

Our Company

Container Science, Inc. was founded in January 2002 to offer materials science expertise for improving the basic performance, quality and economics of polyethylene terephthalate and other plastic container materials. Our corporation provides a fundamental knowledge of the chemistry and science associated with plastic containers, and we translate that understanding into practical solutions that address the needs, issues and opportunities for this industry.

Our clients

Our clients are suppliers and customers throughout the value chain of the plastic packaging industry across the world. These clients include resin producers, package designers, package developers and converters, as well as major brand owners, bottlers and other end-users.

Our credentials

Our founder and President, Dr. Mark Rule, earned his Ph.D. in physical-organic chemistry from Yale University. He spent sixteen years with Eastman Chemical Company and six years with The Coca-Cola Company before founding Container Science, Inc. His knowledge of materials science and the plastic container value chain has been acquired through leadership roles in basic and applied research, new product development and commercialization, negotiations, strategic alliances and licensing, strategy development, and new business development. Dr. Rule is the author/co-author of over 88 U.S. patents ranging from technologies for raw material synthesis to methods to improve package shelf-life. His expertise covers not only the fundamental science of plastics, but also the economic and market forces at work in the industry.

Our Approach

Container Science, Inc. is widely recognized for the scientific rigor which we apply toward solving issues in the industry. Our understanding of container performance starts at the molecular level. This includes not only the chemistry but the kinetics and physics of the phenomena that are occurring and the corresponding consequences of how these phenomena affect the package on a macroscopic level.

We view constraints/challenges/issues as hidden opportunities. In addressing these opportunities, we seek to identify and develop the kernels of knowledge that can transform an industry.

Our strategy for developing technologies incorporates not only chemical, but also regulatory, environmental, economic and process parameters and factors. Our objective is to develop novel solutions that are practical and readily implementable from a production standpoint.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clients across the globe with the working tools and specialized consultation expertise they need to improve the quality and profitability of plastic containers.