Consulting Services

Technology Development

Container Science® Consulting

We bring science, technology, and innovation together.

Through our Container Science® consulting services, we assist our clients with:

  • Technical expertise and guidance to optimize package performance, enhance product quality, reduce total system costs, and minimize development costs
  • Development of innovative new technologies directed toward improved products and processes
  • Strategic insights and direction in new technology development and implementation
  • Assessment of alternative/competitive technologies
  • Trouble-shooting of technical issues in commercial products

We have developed a number of proprietary permeation models for specialized applications that we also utilize as part of our client consulting service. These models include prediction of acetaldehyde generation and diffusion, package contamination and decontamination, solid state polymerization, as well as specialized economic models.

Container Science® consulting services are available to select clients and are generally provided on a retainer or per-project basis.

Technology Development

Partnerships for commercial success

A major focus area of Container Science, Inc. is the development of new, step-change technologies for plastic packaging and related industries.

Technologies of interest to Container Science, Inc. are those where a fundamental knowledge of materials science, chemistry, and chemical kinetics are essential, and where critical insights are necessary to achieve breakthroughs.

Technology development is normally carried out with select business partners who have capabilities complementary to those of Container Science, Inc., with the benefits of commercial success flowing to all of the involved parties.